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Nihongo Institute was set up in 1973 for the sole purpose of teaching Japanese to foreigners
[日本語(nihongo), of course, means "Japanese language"].
The number of foreigners coming to Japan to live and work began to increase rapidly in the late 1960s.
The founding members of our staff were involved in teaching Japanese from an early stage and soon recognized that the texts, materials and teaching systems then available were totally inadequate.
 They therefore resolved to develop their own.
Today, Japanese is taught in many high schools and universities around the world,
but in the early 1970s it was very far from being an international language.
As a result, most of the people we dealt with at the time were making their first contact of any kind with both the language and the country and had very little more than a superficial idea of what Japan was really like.
Right from the outset, our avowed aim has been to give our students both a knowledge of the language and how the Japanese think and behave in their daily lives, and an insight into the historical and cultural backgrounds that lie behind these activities.

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